A Thousand Welcomes
Paul Anderson poems

From My Fathers Ashes

From my Father’s Ashes (Freddy)
The wind blew west in Monaghan
as it rained down on Afghanistan
pity not the dead but the fools who think they live
as happiness is to live for others
He was born just after the nightmare of World War One
joined the RAF when the next one begun
He went awol under the Burmese sun
told rebel natives where he buried his gun
Pity not the dead but those who think they love
for happiness is to live for others
As the snow falls deep at Hiroshima
perhaps deeper still in Cambodia
Not yet a century of mopped up tears
in these still our younger years
for this reign of greed and war will end
Happiness is to live for others
The empire is crumbling and so is the dollar
a new world is emerging and its multipolar
its philosophy of mutual winning
represents a new beginning
(leftists say its all the same
the CIA are on their game
I wonder why they are so lame
what on earth has made them tame?)
Oh! Who can see the pheonix rising?
why should its flight be so surprising
happiness is to live for others.
I call my sisters I call my brothers
renew the sun-bright flower of peace
renew your love, renew your youth
happiness is to live for others
alight your soul with truth

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