Burn’s Night Joke

A went tae the hospital fur an x-ray and as a wis sitting waiting tae be seen, the wee guy next to me says,” Fair fae yer honest sonsie face! Great chieftain o’ the puddin race!!” A turned ma heid roon tae the wummin sat oan ma other side, she said, ” Wee, sleekit, cow’rin, tim’rous beastie, O, what a panic’s in thy breastie!” , A grabbed the next doc walking past and said, “Here big yin is this the psychiatric ward?” He says,” naw this is the Burns unit!

From Shug on Facebook

Save the Charlie Reid Centre! Save Scotland! by Paul Anderson (2014)

Save the Charlie Reid Centre! Save Scotland!
by Paul Anderson

Oh Scotia! What is freedom worth?
if it does not defend those of lowly birth
Those disabled in body or mind
where nature’s path went so unkind

Remember Rabbies ode to the mouse,
and wha forgets the bonnet louse.
Poets now sign our petition.
For they know fu’ weel the Scot’s tradition

And those in unions come to our aid,
for there is reason to be afraid.
for if they get us one by one,
in the end they ‘ll soon be none

Bring back the spirit of Jimmy Reid,
Wha’s tae say he’s truly deid.
I saw him stauning beside auld Joe hill.
organising what they cannot kill

The mettle of the Scottish people
whose anger has begun to ripple,
‘gainst Tory cuts and new “Labour” spin.
Our heritage is the Will to Win!

Quick Editorial note on the flag fiasco

The charade was started by the Tories who believe it is in their best interests to keep Scotland polarised and blame it on the SNP . It is them who don’t want to talk about austerity, trident or anything else. They also want to keep the leftward leaning Labour Party part of their unholy alliance with the liberals. I noted that the BBC factcheck said it was Salmond who made the change. It looks to me that the Brits want to set the agenda and our focus should be elsewhere particularly on the NHS and it’s demise in England which whatever shows that more power for Scotland would be an example for England to follow.