New plan for website.

I have been doing some thinking on this and I feel that it is best to replan the whole website mid October and pay for an upgrade then. I am thinking of it as an extended holiday . If I feel the need to say anything about Brexit before then I ll post an editorial . Presently the battle lines are clear and a General election is due. Hopefully my present sense of ennui will be gone or at least diminished to a point where I feel I can enjoy getting right into the middle of things again.

New direction at Smeddum’s Hotpotch

The website is now under reconstruction. Instead of posting links, I will be writing short articles with links embedded if appropriate. I will be up and running fully at the end of August : as I hope to enjoy my recuperation and the silly season a bit longer. With the election of Johnson it might take me that long to stop vomiting. Anyhow I ll be getting into all that at a later date The newly created website will be orientated towards rss. So that it can be heard on feed bot the Alexa skill and read as a feed on the platforms still reading rss.

Marvellous Malta: More Than Just This Year’s Capital Of Culture

Valletta in Malta is one of this year’s Capitals of Culture, with a wide range of events planned for this year. But it was already making its mark on the hip destination map due to its cool hotel scene, avant-garde architectural projects and it’s all-round sunny disposition.

Source: Marvellous Malta: More Than Just This Year’s Capital Of Culture