Scotland Arise!

Scotland Arise!  by Paul Anderson Nov 2017

Land is land and oil is oil
It should belong to those who toil
Scotland arise!

Fair is foul and  foul is fair.
Britiannia is without a care
The empire lost , so sick ,so lame.
in their sights the poor they blame.


Theresa May says that we are one
this sinking ship has long begun
to drown the old ,the ill .the young.
and whip in shape the bottom rung


Freedom must reverse this boat
Put in place a second vote.
To take us to a higher place
Honoured by the human race.


Scotland arise! Scotland arise!
Scotland arise!

The Tories ,Libdems thugs together
New Labour too , wi spin and blether.
and we need Scotland
not just heather.

Scotland Arise!

Wee Jimmy’s Union Song

Wee Jimmy’s Union Song

I had a zero contract job
Delivering pizzas for ten bob
I left it for a cup of tea.
Now they are gonna fire me

I got sanctioned for six weeks
Missed my appointment by two tweaks
It could have been a day and a half
Cause my face got stuck and I could n’t laugh

I was in Stobhill’s insane department
waiting five months for a new apartment
Just beside my favourite pub
My friends so near to get a sub.

I drank myself quite close to death
Found it ruinous to my health.
Is this a way to destroy the poor?
I can’t take it any more!

So I joined Unite the Union
As our rights have been sold for bullion
The community branch in Glasgow town
We fight to bring the system down.
by Paul Anderson 2015

Black Triangle

Black Triangle for Disabled Rights poem by Paul Anderson June 2014

Black Triangle
“Labour” brought in Atos to humiliate, rip a hole in the welfare state.
Thousands dead within three full moons.
Now the Tories police our protests with their kettling goons.
Black Triangle
The Nazis made the disabled wear it on their shirt.
This new holocaust is out to hurt, the disabled the unemployed and the under-waged
A political circus, the bankers have staged.
Black Triangle
What we want is liberty, treated with respect and equality.
They real scroungers are those on top.
They are murderers we have to stop.
Black Triangle
Now we wear the Black Triangle with Pride
showing that we won’t hide.
From those who stigmatise
Tell us lies.
Who are blind and indifferent to our cries.
Black Triangle


London Calling

London Calling (in memory of Joe Strummer RIP)

London calling to all Scottish towns
War is declared and a battle come down
London calling to make you vote ‘no’
Know your place as we tell you so!

London calling, now don’t look at us
Phoney impartiality has bitten the dust
London is calling , see we aint got no swing.
Cept for the ring of the truncheon swing.

Indyref 2 is coming. “The Sun” is zooming in,
More lies expected but they are getting so thin
The BBC is spinning but I have no fear
For London is drowning and I have got a euro.

London calling to their imitation zone
Forget about them brother we can go it alone
London calling, these zombies of death,
So quit holding out and try another breath,

London calling and YES I was there too
For while you were talking
We soon found you out
London calling with another big lie
Scotland’s too poor for you to get by

Indyref 2 is coming. “The Sun” is zooming in,
More lies expected but they are getting so thin
A Nuclear trident but I have no fear
For London is drowning and I have got a euro.

Now get this.
London Calling YES I was there too
And you know what we said, well, none of it was true.
London calling at the top of the dial
And after all this will you give me a smile
never felt so much like, like, a like a……

by Paul Anderson Dec 2016

All Jazzed up and Nowhere to Go

All Jazzed up and Nowhere to Go

Once I was a millionaire
It was a dream, it was a prayer
It was so great I now could gig
Play a full score with my jazz rig

I even bought a concert hall
gave out tickets to one and all
No one turned up every time
Is free jazz music such a crime?

There was Oswald on the drums
We played together with his chums
Johnny had a fine trombone
Sarah would sing the saddest song

Once we put ourselves on-line
Gave our pearls to the swine
But we never hit the news
Only had a hundred views

Then I made a TV ad
My million spent I was rather sad
But we always play jazz blues
In front of angry movie queues

Paul Anderson April 2015