Unite and Fight! Save the NHS

Brexit is quite challenging  for everyone in the UK.   The SNP  and Labour till only recently have been engaged in a “war of position ” via the customs union  with the Tories who are engaged in a pathetic “war of manoeuvre” with the EU  whose “Ireland first” approach has laid bare the contradiction between the Good Friday Agreement and Brexit out with the customs union. How this effects public opinion  is largely unknown.  Pollsters are biased and if you have ever been a regular part of a sampling poll you can see how manipulative they can be. Things like multiple choice without all the options. The question to pose is what in the interests of the many?  Among these are no hard border which more and more seems unlikely .  The Tories would have to go down the road of no deal with the EU.  That would be a disaster and it is hard to see how the Tories would survive that.  It seems like Hobson”s choice that  the ” Brexit means Brexit” rhetoric would be dead and the Dup will be upset with anything gives the six counties a different set up than the rest of the UK.

The issue of the NHS especially  in England is the pressing  and privatisation will affect the budget for Scotland.  This should be the focus of all workers  in the UK.  If all we hear is SNP snipes at Labour  and Labour snipes at the   SNP . What we have we got – divide and rule. I think it is time to focus on the crimes of the Tories which far exceed anything else.

Quick Editorial note on the flag fiasco

The charade was started by the Tories who believe it is in their best interests to keep Scotland polarised and blame it on the SNP . It is them who don’t want to talk about austerity, trident or anything else. They also want to keep the leftward leaning Labour Party part of their unholy alliance with the liberals. I noted that the BBC factcheck said it was Salmond who made the change. It looks to me that the Brits want to set the agenda and our focus should be elsewhere particularly on the NHS and it’s demise in England which whatever shows that more power for Scotland would be an example for England to follow.