A Thousand Welcomes
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  1. smeddum

    One of the realities of the present situation is that many things that are dangers like a hard border in Ireland, like the power grab by means of the Brexit Bil and its implixations for NHS privatisation, like the inevitable loss of trade and jobs caused by Brexit; is that the lack of urgency in opposition may see these things as a fait accompli waiting for future governments to repeal them.
    Panic is not conducive to strategic thinking but when you are being pushed into a reactionary quagmire by an insanely delusional right wing Tory Government then a sense of immediacy might be deemed appropriate. The last time anything in Scotland excelled in that direction was when Brian Quail held a spontaneous demonstration in George square on the day we heard of the bombing of Yugoslavia by Nato.
    Yet it is perhaps because so much is happening that tackling individual assaults on progressive achievements and the already austerity bashed economy is not that easy.
    I think we need more reactions to the unfolding of these horrible assaults. The passive nature of leaderships as such and their externaliisation to other leaderships tends to miss the point about it is always been movement from below that activates leaders who must respond somehow to that movement.

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