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Editorial: How to use this website!

This a unique project in many ways, I seek to bring visitors to a launchpad in many directions.  I want the website to be regarded as an evolving piece of web design that is open and free for all.  There is a slideshow of 20 photos with links to articles I have collected from all over the web.   The pattern is 4 pictures leading to that appear under the slideshow. I sometimes include a few of these pictures to the Slideshow if the colour and theme add to the feel of the slideshow.   A good place to start is the slideshow as each article has categories stamped on it.  This allows to go to categories on the sidebar where there is a drop down menu, that will give both the articles and number of articles in that category.   If there is more that 10 you can scroll further  by pressing “older posts.” Do come back for updates in the categories you are interested in.

The subject I cover most is politics, that won’t change, even though these pages are the least visited. I hope in time that will change , there is enough interest to motivate me to be as cutting edge as possible on austerity , Scottish Independence and social justice. .  Moreover,  I want to develop more local news as well enlarging the world outlook that I am developing in these editorials.

Everyday I post on travel, book reviews ,science and art. I head for what I see as the most colourful and beautiful,  Photos from these articles help to create an ongoing pastiche of cutting edge news in all these fields and more.

I have android app which acts mainly as bookmark but has potential for more. I want to be more effective at adding events.  My youtube channel is perhaps even cooler that this blog. I upgrade it daily more or less with even more news .  I add music videos which are on the whole folk with little slips into other genres.  Other categories are Comedy , Movie Trailers and History .I hope to gain contributors here but anyone can join. I will even host a page if it fits in with the development of the website. Although education is my main concern I hope that Smeddum’s Hotpotch will not only gain a reputation as a place for the curious, but a place of high quality  entertainment and aesthetic excellence.

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