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Black Triangle

Black Triangle for Disabled Rights poem by Paul Anderson June 2014

Black Triangle
“Labour” brought in Atos to humiliate, rip a hole in the welfare state.
Thousands dead within three full moons.
Now the Tories police our protests with their kettling goons.
Black Triangle
The Nazis made the disabled wear it on their shirt.
This new holocaust is out to hurt, the disabled the unemployed and the under-waged
A political circus, the bankers have staged.
Black Triangle
What we want is liberty, treated with respect and equality.
They real scroungers are those on top.
They are murderers we have to stop.
Black Triangle
Now we wear the Black Triangle with Pride
showing that we won’t hide.
From those who stigmatise
Tell us lies.
Who are blind and indifferent to our cries.
Black Triangle


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