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Wee Jimmy’s Union Song

Wee Jimmy’s Union Song

I had a zero contract job
Delivering pizzas for ten bob
I left it for a cup of tea.
Now they are gonna fire me

I got sanctioned for six weeks
Missed my appointment by two tweaks
It could have been a day and a half
Cause my face got stuck and I could n’t laugh

I was in Stobhill’s insane department
waiting five months for a new apartment
Just beside my favourite pub
My friends so near to get a sub.

I drank myself quite close to death
Found it ruinous to my health.
Is this a way to destroy the poor?
I can’t take it any more!

So I joined Unite the Union
As our rights have been sold for bullion
The community branch in Glasgow town
We fight to bring the system down.
by Paul Anderson 2015

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