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The Sun-bright Flower of Peace

The Sun-bright Flower of Peace

Ploughman, proud of the running furrow
Peace will bring great fields to you,
And,oh, what bounty the earth will yield.
In golden days when the sun stands high
And the sky is bright with gratitude.
The leaves on the tree your deeds will know
And shade with love the path you go,
Keen-eyed son of the soil,
And for your arduous ,
nurturing toil,
In days of sense there will be a world of recompense.

Miner,comrade in the deep earth,
Peace through darkness radiant gleams
And shining yet for your hands to shape
Are Mankind’s treasured untapped seams!
They stretch the days of human glory
Here upon the earth below,
The fields of grain away fair above
The flag of Truth unfurled,
And you shall walk, new kinship chasing
Passing insults fools have hurled.

Teacher,tutor men of learning,
Guarding youth from wild-eyed fears,
Steer there innocence to goodness
And stem their apprehensive tears!
Make real the dreams which their young vision
Fashions in the summer street,
when the smiling world is a joyous promise,
A glorious garden at their feet!
Let no beast for greed or malice
Destroy those gentle dreams they weave
Or bring a horror to their lives
The mind of Man dare not conceive!

Give peace her place in childhood’s story,
The queen adored by all is she,
She walks their garden, all weeds wilting
Before her radiant modesty!
And such a queen will hold the class room
In Summer cool and Winter warm,
And children proud to walk beside her.
Will thank you with their young hearts charm.

Writer, Artist, music maker,
Unite with artisan and baker,
We still can save the Earth,
And all the power in our hearts
Must come to universal birth
Then what once was but a human wish
At this most potent hour!
Shall be a multi-coloured flower,
A slender stem and tend tender leaf,
But, oh, what fragrance there,
Its blossom shall delight the heart
Of Good folk everywhere

Men and mothers of all nations,
Whatever rank whatever station,
Weave a garland o’er the globe.
That Peace will wear that lovely robe
Among her sons!
Men of honour, men of worth
Sinking low or striving forth,
Peace can prove your labour’s truth,
Renew your love, renew your youth
In days that dance ahead!
The Earth can soon aspire high
But those of joy the day we’ve seen.
The heart of Man forever green.
With Peace And Progress wed!

I see an international crowd
of colours faces, garments, creeds
Place hatred in its burial shroud
And end the reign of Greed!
I see them linked from land to land
Across the seven seas
While in their midst the petals grow,
The sun-bright Flower of Peace,
The shining flower, the lovely flower,
The sun-bright flower of Man,
With roots enriched with self-less deeds
Since history began;
That bloosom grows in every land
It decks the earth with grace.
Entwining now the human heart
To save the Human Race

Freddy Anderson

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