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Editorial-The Story so far is getting loud

The meta-narratives of class warfare are the stories behind the stories.  When this is purposeful or propaganda it often reveals  the agenda of the ruling bodies- corporate institutions, state apparatus or press barons.  The struggle for truth is not just determined by agency  ,  wider circumstances  are always in flux from nation to nation.  Latency is always more manifest than potential. Individuated knowledge that is born in isolation becomes socialized and realized in collective activity.  The abstract gives way to the concrete.

Here in Scotland,  the democratic revolution has been revived. Nicola Sturgeon speaking for the first time at a mass demonstration for independence is of hugely symbolic importance.  The arrogance of Boris Johnson  and his Brexit  bluster  has sent shock waves  throughout the UK.    The volume of the independence movement is being turned up to 11.    This democratic gain can produce a real force against neo-liberalism in the UK and in Europe, that is both its natural direction and an historical necessity, continuing to provide a model for the English left and beyond.


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