Editorial – Schrodinger’s Brexit.

For those of you unfamiliar with  Schrodinger’s cat. It was a thought experiment in which a cat is subjected to lethal radiation. At some point, the cat is considered to be half dead and half alive. Recently I have been thinking of this in terms of the first cell of all life and what caused it to split.  I got no further along  this line of thought when Brexit entered the fray.  The lack of clarity on this from both of the major parties in England is something that will be impenetrable for some time as SNP MP Tommy Sheppard found out when asking a question on the Irish border in the House of Commons. Wanting a frictionless border and leaving the single market also seems irreconcilable in my eyes.  Hence the need for a Schrodinger’s Brexit.

I have also been looking at Boris Johnson more than I usually do.  To be honest he is never been in my thoughts much as I basically can’t stand him.  He has been compared with Donald  Trump recently for his ability to think up and express nonsense on the spot in public interviews. His recent gaffe insulting the Russian war effort against Hitler will upset fans of Charlie Chaplin who are confused about who will go down in history as the greater clown.

The Schrodinger”s cat thought experiment has no bearing on the poison accusation made at Russia.  There is no evidence that passes muster as such.  Craig Murray points to the Iraqi evidence scam, then Boris changes the goal posts but with no new “evidence”. While the ever so cautious SNP leadership leads us away from a major plank for the case for independence. We want to be an example of a peace-loving nation not a toady to the whims of imperialism and its long-running cold war against Russia.  Putin is being turned into some  James Bond type arch villain. All we need to see now is a picture of him stroking a cat. I  will leave that to the BBC to photoshop in.

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