A Thousand Welcomes
Paul Anderson poems

One Splendid Easter Day

The Resurrection is oft times in my heart

It always means a great new start

But this year it is even better

My love is renewed and knows no fetter

I met with her at the CCA

They brought Paella on a tray

We made a plan for what to see

A Spanish film at the GFT

The Movie had a Beatles theme

To meet John Lennon was a dream

Strawberry Fields is the greatest song

Under my breath I sang along


We spoke about a way to flower

The politics of taking power

About our centre under threat

Of everything we dared to get

Yet there is more to romantic love

Because peace is not just dove to dove

This rising is so spread around

We listen to each whispered sound

A resurrection in each heart,

looking for a place to start

striving forth to make things better

A boundless love that knows no fetter.


Anderson 2015

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