A Thousand Welcomes

We re triple A

Is the human psyche  still suppressed by old time religious/political sectarianism, making the ideological supercede rigorous investigation of the concrete world? Has curiosity taken a back seat to identity politics? Was Lukac’s on the right tracks when he talked about the destruction of reason? All this and much more in my latest song entitled ” We’re triple A”.
A music hall number, with the chorus, start with the chorus. da da da dumb dumb dumb, repeat for a while.  “we are getting deeper into debt and it is not over yet, We re Triple A. Ya Ya We’re Triple A, repeat three times with a crescendo dropping the ya ya. It s your job to add a rhyming couplet.

One I made up earlier,” We have soldiers in Iraq and some aint coming back”

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  1. smeddum

    we are getting deeper into debt and its not over yet
    we are too big to fail and we cant go to jail
    we get bonuses as well so you can go to hell
    we have soldiers in iraq and some aint coming back
    we want to invade Iran but I dont think we can

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