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Glasgow Arise!

Glasgow Arise! (Tune : The West’s asleep)

Here we are in Glasgow Town
A city now of world renown
So many eyes have seen the Clyde
La Passionara’s arms so open wide

Even though she lost her gun.
She stands beneath the Glasgow sun.
A tribute to the Spanish dead.
Our Glasgow was so proud and red.

When Glasgow workers  took George Square
Our revolution was born there.
The leader was the bold Maclean.
Remembered now though not in vain.

When a hundred thousand marched against the war
As Blair’s lies we did deplore.
When the Poll Tax we did dispute
It gave our city a new repute.

So here’s to you, the River Clyde
We shall breach the old divide.
With Green and Blue, a simple game.
Devoid of every violent shame.

So Glasgow arise to meet the new,
As schools are closing from our view.
The very first round of the fight.
To save our city from dreadful night.

Paul Anderson
July 2009

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