A Thousand Welcomes
Paul Anderson poemssalmon

Ode to my little planet

Through the vastness of the universe, I come to settle on you

like a loved one, another alien, a target of my dreams,

whizzing on the electric giant milky way,

sneezing out yon satellites and rockets.

You would think we owned the place.

We the mere borrowers of time.

I wander with you, I spin with you

Alas like Gulliver, among the little people,

I cast my net far and wide.

As much of humanity has Died, unnecessarily.

Here in my lofty tower of tears.

I bemoan the world of Greed.

I grasp for Thor’s hammer

only to find thats been stolen too.

By the State Circus, where most of my allies have fled.

Sometimes I wonder why they ran away.

Could it be that their heads are full of mince?

Or some other form of lacklustre  nonsense.

Were they to mention the disappearing bees,

or even the vanishing wild salmon

all so lost they cannot find their home

Are they too so affected by electrosmog they refuse to think?

And by this omission, no longer are the opposition,

but a gang of yesterday’s men and women

fondling  Liberty.

Are our leaders heads all gone

dancing with the dying swan, playing cat or mouse,

Or are they like the unmasked bat

cheating to find out where they are at?

It would make one cry.

Aye! Even Shout!

What glory can there be?

Time warped  in history.

Formal greetings now the whole of politics

”Goodbye Mother Earth !” They kiss their asses.

As pollinators at peril pass a death sentence on the human race

Paul Anderson  July 1st 2008

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